Soul Survivor Mini Mission hashtag (#) comp

We ran our little hashtag competition for Soul Survivor week A cos we couldn't make it. BUT we're gonna be at Soul Survivor weeks B & C and we'll be at Momentum!  What to do? What to do?


Well, we've decided to run the competition for each of the remaining weeks! 


The prize will be £30 of goods from our online shop


How does one win, I hear you ask.


We're looking for # quotes that are funny, amusing, a bit of a hoot or just unique, insightful, memorable... we're not really asking for much.


Don’t know what a hashtag is? Allow me to demonstrate -



See below for our favourites from Week A.


We'll select what we think are the best # quotes. Remember, you need to mention Soul Survivor in your tweet as a separate hashtag, i.e. #SoulSurvivor and include this hashtag #LTLYG


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Soul Survivor Week A mini mission winners

OK everyone – we’ve scanned a lot of the tweets from Soul Survivor Week A and the results are in so we can announce our favourite hashtag quote.


A lot of the # quotes need the whole tweet so that we can get the total effect so here goes –


Honourable mentions –


OK, this first one doesn’t have a unique # quote but it echoes my sentiments!!


Gareth Leaney ‏@gazleaney

The young man in the muddy onesie can definitely keep his 'free hugs' sign away from me, thanks. #soulsurvivor13



Christie Broom ‏@ChristieBroomie

During my shower I heard someone say 'You cannae have Andy Murray! He's ours!!' #weekA #theScotsarehere

#theScotsarehere – you better believe it and Soul Survivor is coming to God’s own country next year!! Wooohooo!!!!



Will Davies ‏@willverhampton

This shower is TOO DUTTY FOR USE! @NaomiRBal @EbunLauren @SoulSurvivorGB #pureduttz #tdfu #soulsurvivor13

#pureduttz – I’m guessing that it was the boys showers… am I right? I’m sure that I’m right! Check the photo!



amy della-valle ‏@amydellavalle

THE BANOFFEE PIE HAS SOLD OUT AT SOUL SURVIVOR CAFE AND THE STORES HAVE RUN OUT!! #dontletitbetrue #mourning #grief #pain #loss #sadness

#dontletitbetrue – I’m sure that the earth stopped turning at this very point in time. What a crisis (and, if you’ve never experienced SS banoffee, you have never lived.



Soul Survivor Teams @SoulTeams

A huge THANK YOU to all who served on @SoulSurvivorGB at A! You guys are amazing & we love you #couldntdoitwithoutyou

#couldntdoitwithoutyou – how true! These guys make it happen every year. They work hard, they have fun and they serve selflessly.



Jo Lewis ‏@joey_jolewis

426 young people have become Christians at Soul Survivor So far. #comeonamen

#comeonamen – the final number, I think, was 441. #GGTG



And the winner is....


Neville Hilton ‏@NevilleHilton

@StJohnsClayton Young people inspire me with hope for the next generation. Soul Survivor releases their potential #youthpotential


#youthpotential – love the sentiments behind this. If you’re ever in doubt about whether God is there or whether he cares, get along to Soul Survivor and you’ll see God moving with young lives being changed and commitments being made to follow Jesus. It signals a new start for thousands of young people each year. Think about the potential of these young men and women going back to their homes, schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and churches… the great deeds that they will do, the lives that they will play a part in rescuing,  the impact that they will make.


Let’s pray that we see that God-given potential being realised in every young person. 

SOUL SURVIVOR MINI MISSION.... SORRY that we're not there!

We’re v. sad coz we’re not @ #soulsurvivor13 Week A BUT we’ll be joining in in the Twittersphere!


To compensate for our absence, we’re doing a bit of a giveaway but we need some help from you. Yep, we’d love you to follow us, RT us, like us, sign up to our newsletter, etc., etc. but, for the giveaway, we’ll give a free t-shirt to the person who tweets the best Soul Survivor hashtag this week (why not add a photo for added oomph!)


Don’t know what a hashtag is? Allow me to demonstrate -

#SoulSurvivor13 #Gettingallemotionalthatwe’remissingSoulSurvivorthisweek


We wish that we were with you @ SoulSurvivor week A in Stafford. Last year was our first Soul Survivor Toolshed experience and, once we recovered from the shock of seeing Mike P for the first time, we had a great time – blown away in fact! So we’re very, very sad that we couldn’t make it happen this year BUT we are with you in the Twittersphere – I’m thinking of it as CyberSoulSurvivor!


We want to hear and see what’s going on. Tell us what you’re doing, what you’re hearing , what you’re seeing and – post your photos. There won’t just be us! There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of others checking in and wanting to know what’s going on. So let’s get trending with #SoulSurvivor13.


And let’s see those hashtags!

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