Lent 2016 - 6 Broken-hearted healing

Emily Burger is behind some of the designs on our online shop – we found her a couple of years ago and we think that she is pretty special. So, we brought a whole lot of her work to the UK at www.preditos.com.  We knew Emily had gone through a tough time but we didn’t know the whole story.  She recently changed the name of her ministry to Blue Chair Blessing and shared the reason why.


This really is worth reading and sharing -


The story of the Blue Chair Blessing.

I plopped down in the chair, put my headphones in and turned my Pandora station on to some of my favourite worship music. I sat still as tears rolled down my cheeks. I waited. I prayed. Despite my best efforts, my marriage had been falling apart all around me, and my family was in the midst of being torn apart. I thought of my children upstairs sleeping soundly, completely oblivious to what was about to come for them. I thought of the counselling sessions I'd had recently that opened my eyes to the fact that I had been abused in a past relationship years ago and never really knew to call it that. It was all too much. My marriage, my babies, this new knowledge of my past. I felt pain in my body as if my heart was literally breaking - actual physical pain. I can tell you what a broken heart feels like. A broken soul. A broken everything.


Through tears I squinted through the sun's rays and I said very plainly to God, "But, I just can't do this. It hurts too much. The pain. It hurts so much".


As soon as I finished my sentence I heard in my soul - Psalm 147:3. I didn't know what this particular verse was so I jumped up and went inside to grab my Bible. I thumbed through it, hoping it would be something that I could cling to.


My eyes stopped at the words.


He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3


I was blown away. The words sunk into my soul and flooded me with peace.


I sobbed at the thought that He cared enough to send me right to this scripture. He must really mean it.


Our family did fall apart and we did end up getting divorced. I continue to go to counseling. I still deal with all kinds of struggles. I have remarried and as many of you who are in the same boat know, it's not an easy walk with blended families and baggage from past hurts. But you know what I've learned?


God loves us enough to reach out to our wounded souls. He doesn't leave us stranded on our own. He continues to love us in the good and the bad, and pour His grace in every crack of our lives. We are not forgotten. We're not too far gone for Him to pick us up, hold us close, and tell us He's with us all the way and that someday He'll make it all better.


He blessed me in that blue chair in that day, and every day after. I am a work in progress. I have issues. I struggle. But He does not abandon us even on our worst day in our worst situation through our worst disasters. That, my friends, is the God of the universe. He comes down to the broken, messed up people and lavishly loves them through and through no matter what.


To God be the Glory Forever.

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