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At the very end of June, Kindergarten 2 and the Grade 6 students at the Bishop L.J. Barnes Mission School had their School Graduation.  Again it was very encouraging to see so many young and older students doing so well in their education.  I had the privilege this year of presenting the students with their Graduation Certificates.  I too was presented with a lovely framed ‘Certificate of Honor’ and a school gold medal, displaying the school crest and motto. 


In July I sent to you a report with photos of CAFMACP’s work with an American NGO for the food relief campaign Kids Against Hunger.  This was such a blessing to the many children and families who received packets of savory rice that many have been asking when more rice is coming!!  Robert and Megan, 2 American friends of Pastor David’s, visited Liberia at the beginning of July and after returning to the States said that they would try to see if they could arrange with the NGO to send another container of savory rice packets to Liberia.    


Then in August I was invited by a Liberian NGO, Church Aid, to assist in harvesting peanuts which was hard work but a very enjoyable day.  The main link with Church Aid is that CAFMACP will register with them and this will result in many CAFMACP members and non- members receiving free vegetable seeds.  The photo on the right was some sample packets of okra seeds which were given by Church Aid which I gave to Eleanor at the Orphanage and as you can see are growing well.  It is hoped that many will benefit from these seeds either by growing them for their families or growing to sell at the market for a small income.


In August I really enjoyed having Colin and Katie to stay with me for 2 weeks.  They are from my church at home in the UK and took some holiday time to come to visit Liberia, both coming to Africa for the first time.  I think they enjoyed their experience and everyone here certainly enjoyed spending time with them.  We spent a few days at our CAFMACP Project site at Bugbay in Bomi.  They also visited Eleanor and the children at the Orphanage and spent a morning at the Bishop L.J. Barnes Mission School where they did a Programme with the children, this was the Vacation School as the main school semesters for this year had finished.  Colin and Katie were also able to visit Pastor David’s church where I attend and we attended a Prayer Fellowship on 24 August where CAFMACP members came to fellowship and pray about specific topics.  


It was good to have the opportunity to show Colin and Katie the 2 structures on the land in Bugbay, Bomi.  Both structures need to be completed inside and out.  


At the beginning of Sept. a motorbike came on to the walkway and hit Eleanor causing her to fracture the right side of her pelvis.  She was in hospital for a few weeks, and then got home.  She is recovering well, but still has to remain flat.  Then only last week 2 men on a passing motorbike tried to grab my handbag which I was wearing over my neck across my left shoulder, as the bag didn’t break I ended up on the ground with a broken collar bone.  Thank you all for your texts, emails, concerns and for all your prayersJ.


Before this happened I was visiting the Orphanage regularly as Eleanor and the children received a very generous donation from my supporting church in the UK.  I plan to report on this work in more detail but with our accidents this work has been delayed as is my typing at the moment with one hand!!  


On 27 September I was invited to attend the opening programme of a new school building of 9 classrooms.  Pastor Jorgbor is one of the Pastors working (voluntarily) on our CAFMACP team and has been also working hard to open this school which is attached to his church.  This was a great celebration for church members, parents and of course the children who will benefit greatly from this new building.   


Prayer Points

That funds continue to come in to allow these different projects to take place 

For strength and protection when travelling around Monrovia particularly in light of Eleanor’s and my experience and that my confidence to walk in Monrovia on my own again would return

Pray against these motorbike rogues - since my own experience I’ve heard of others losing mobile phones etc. as bikers have passed by. 


There are many Praise Points over these last few months:-

More children graduating as they take seriously their education

The interest of SPUR to help promote the work of CAFMACP

Katie and Colin chose to visit Liberia for their holiday time, and for the time we had

Opportunity to get involved in Kids Against Hunger and the SEED Project to benefit others

Hard work and commitment of local people to see a new school building opened to benefit their children.

ALL of the above which has given the opportunity to share the gospel and God’s love with many

My flight is booked to be home for Christmas J


I continue to very much appreciate your support to me and the work here in Liberia, particularly over these last few months which have been quite challenging.


Pauline x

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