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Over a number of years, I have had the desire to put my skills and experience to use more directly in the Christian sector. I hope those that know me would agree that I've done that to some degree through my lay work in my local Church but, through individual experience and observation, I have seen that many, if not all, Christians, and I include myself in this, at some time in their lives, lose sight of the greatest commandment. We are all called to "Love the Lord our God with all our HEARTS, with all our SOULS, with all our MINDS and with all our STRENGTH".


Some would (rightly?) say that we are doomed to failure because none of us can meet that standard and, perhaps, it is such a big challenge that we file it in the brain folder "Deliberately ignored".... but, even so, we are not excused from aiming that high and, who knows, reaching that standard for a micro-second or through some area of service will be the highlight of our Christian walk this side of eternity.


Being a bit of a wimp, at heart, I have failed to respond to previous calls on my life (perhaps, like many of you) but, after a series of events, not entirely within my control, I have found myself stepping off the cliff and falling headlong into this new venture. 


The greatest commandment is the focus and I hope that you'll join me in, at least, trying to live it out, in God's strength.



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